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Cleanly dry cleaning reviews

ByNext was created with the goal of helping busy professionals get clothing care and home cleaning services with the tap of a button. This starts with our technology that not only helps us run our operations internally, but the consumer app that provides our customers with a seamless experience from start to finish. This working class neighborhood, Lower east side has plenty of great contemperary art galleries that truly displays the gifted artists that this community has to offer.

Cleanly dry cleaners understand the artisitc feel of the neighborhood and is only here to increase he appeal. Add payment methods and tipping amounts securely through the app.

No need to worry about cash again! See what the competition is offering.

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We guarantee ByNext will change your life. Join tens of thousands of happy customers in New York City. Let us become your favorite new dry cleaners. Hours: AM - PM. I just joined Liox Cleaners, and oh my! The experience was stellar. All my clothing looks amazing. Everything was folded so neatly and yes, they got out Honestly if I could put zero stars I would This place is absolutely garbage, they ruined two of my sweaters and constantly lose my clothing and socks Would give a zero star review if I could.

Spent 7 quarters at the drying machine and this time I made sure the door was shut tight based on previous Worst ever.

cleanly dry cleaning reviews

I gave them 4 shirts to dry clean. I've benefited from Michelle's tailoring skills for years now. I have come to her with props and costumes and when I tell her what it is, she gets it. Savvy city dwellers are using this one app to outsource all their laundry and dry cleaning needs and saving 10 hours a month.

Say goodbye to time consuming chores and say hello to free time. Why ByNext?The uncertain future of your neighborhood dry cleaner. He took charge of the business when his brother had an aneurysm inbarely a year after the lease was signed. Jang was 34 years old then, working as a project manager at a commercial electrical company and quickly found himself picking up the pieces of a company with endless costs: mounting city fees and real estate taxes, as well as day-to-day expenses like eco-friendly solvents, plastic bags, and tags.

Jang, now 44, initially planned to sell the business immediately and get out with what he could. So Jang decided to rework the business, increase revenue, and sell it later on. The added volume would stretch the work weeks even longer — forcing him to pinch pennies to save on solvent, plastic bags, and labor.

And Jang felt the way startups churn out dry cleaning ran counter to how he believes customers should be treated. For Jang and many other Korean-Americans in the dry-cleaning industry, who have owned the majority of these businesses since the s, these startups are an existential threat, dramatically changing the nature of the dry-cleaning business without improving it in a meaningful way. Dry cleaning is a service ripe for disruption.

Like many shop owners, Jang is aware of the inconvenience of dropping off and picking up laundry.

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The appeal of a dry-cleaning service at your fingertips is tantalizing, especially for millennials driven by an on-demand culture. The annoying time spent fulfilling such a mundane task would be better spent elsewhere, as startups like FlyCleaners, Rinse, and Cleanly have come to reiterate through their marketing. All these services, to varying degrees, follow more or less the same formula: you schedule a pickup time that works best for you, the company arrives in the allotted time to take your garments, and your newly dry cleaned items are dropped off at your doorstep at a time most convenient for you.

When he was president of the association 10 years ago, there were about 2, Korean-American dry cleaners in New York City. As recently asthere were an estimated 2, dry cleaners statewide, 1, of which were owned by Korean-Americans. Sang Seok Park, another former president of the association, said that Korean-American dry cleaners have closed in the past five years neither the association nor the city tracks the breakdown of dry-cleaner ownership between different Asian minorities.

Like many Korean immigrants who moved to the U. Drop shops tend to be easier to run no need to operate the dry-cleaning machines and cost less to buy she bought hers at half the gross income, paying half of how much the shop made before she deducted taxes or expenses and maintain than plants.

And since drop shops are typically closed on Sundays, she and her husband could also attend church. As a family business, the dry cleaner was less time-consuming and physically demanding compared to other popular Korean retail shops such as produce and fish. Despite more than 15 years of experience and a loyal customer base, Song fears that raising prices will cause customers to take their business elsewhere.Every Sunday can't be a laundry day for you!

Some Sundays need to be the relax Sundays. This is precisely when on demand laundry app can come convenient. All things considered, we have an application to arrange food, taxi-booking, and in any event, gifting but Laundry App Development. The market isn't a lot of mindful of the clothing applications.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of extensions to shape the world. There is no uncertainty that, with time, we are gradually relying upon request administrations. Cleaning and clothing administrations are only an expansion to the immense scope of on-request benefits. This permits clients to let others handle the washing work while putting their time in charming and significant exercises.

The consequence of on-request cleaning and clothing administrations are flourishing with time. A Laundry App comes here as handy. By and large, an individual goes through roughly 10 hours of every month simply washing their garments. To spare time and take care of these issues, people can utilize the application like Cleanly that offers cleaning and clothing administrations with a couple of taps. The clients can plan time, and clothing specialist organizations will pick, wash, overlay, and return the things in only 24 hours.

This even permits clients to computerize the chain effectively while remaining in the opposition. Laundry app isn't constrained to cleaning and clothing administrations; it incorporates various administrations; for example, hound strolling, volunteer responsibilities, and work routine. The rationale is to offer efficient and bother free highlights for an opportune conveyance. The best thing about this Laundry app is that it is very simple to workaround.

To plunge into the advancement universe of on-request clothing applications, it is basic to comprehend its working. As referenced above, the Laundry app offers the component to clients permitting them to plan their get and drop time. Using a website or an app, a customer place an order and schedule time for the pickup and delivery for the laundry.

After the order is placed, a delivery person collects the cloths according to schedule time and takes it to the laundy man. Once the laundry man confirms the order placed by the customer. The delivery man collects the cloths and take it to laundry man. Laundry man wash, dry and iron the clothes and send it back to the customers.

When the clothes are ready, delivery man collects the clean cloths and send it back to the customer at scheduld time.

cleanly dry cleaning reviews

The on-request industry incorporates significant advantages through which clients, just as specialist co-ops, can use a great deal. To get an understanding, here are the reasons because of which one can decide on-request clothing applications. There is no uncertainty that people lean toward a night of lazing around while viewing their preferred film or go out with companions as opposed to investing energy in the pantry. The on-request applications for clothing offer this kind of administration to the clients to get and convey the washed garments at doorsteps.

The best is that Cleanly has additional choices that permit clients to pick poison-free or scented cleaning according to their desire. There is no compelling reason to go for foundation speculation when the stage model can work incredibly well for the clothing applications. The rise is going to soar with time while building up the circle as far as limits and jumps. There are a few heads of on-request cleaning and clothing administrations in the market that are giving extreme opposition to other people.

If somebody is managing clothing administrations, at that point it is an incredible chance to step forward. A touch of monetary venture can be an extraordinary approach with on-request application improvement.

The reason for existing is to offer an upgraded and one of a kind client experience.We'll be sure to let you know as soon as ByNext is available in your area. Learn about our services. We built our service to help both individuals and families as well as real estate partners managing the buildings in our community. Live in a Powered ByNext building? Receive concierge laundry, dry-cleaning, and home cleaning services at the tap of a button.

We work with some of the biggest names in real estate to help bring modern amenities their residents expect. SinceByNext has been at the forefront of providing accessible and convenient home care solutions. ByNext is the first all-in-one home services provider that is committed to environmentally friendly practices in everything we do.

Our dry-cleaning exclusively uses GreenEarth Technology solvent in our dry-cleaning process. Home Help, Delivered. Oh no! Notify me!

Thanks We'll be sure to let you know as soon as ByNext is available in your area. Learn more. Hi there. We are ByNext. Powering homes and buildings. Services We Offer. For Buildings We work with some of the biggest names in real estate to help bring modern amenities their residents expect.

Our locations SinceByNext has been at the forefront of providing accessible and convenient home care solutions. See our service areas. Taking care of home and the planet. Our Process.By Annie Collyer TZ. Searching for the best upholstery cleaner?

Whether for a stubborn carpet stain, a sofa spill or a curtain refresh, we can help you find a product to suit your needs. Even from dreaded red wine — we love the stuff but boy does it stain.

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We've tried and tested some of the best upholstery cleaners around and can confidently report that we think these ones below should be a staple under your sink. You never know what will be spilt next so it's best to be prepared. Once you're done, consider investing in the best vacuum cleaner too — a good clean starts with removing dust, crumbs, and pet hair, of course.

Although initially meant to be used on clothes to remove unwanted stains, this Fabric Stain Remover by Astonish works wonders on upholstery, such as sofas, but is also effective on curtains, carpets and rugs.

How to use First soak up any moisture from the stain and then spray the product immediately, ensuring you cover the entire stain. Leave for 10 minutes and wipe with a damp cloth or if possible pop in your washing machine — it's as simple as that. Results Ideal for those times when you're entertaining and a guest accidentally spills something, this stain remover works super fast.

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Effective on wine stains, too. Good to know This product shouldn't be used on any flammable or washable upholstery including velvet, leather and suede. The Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover is great at targeting specific areas that need to be cleaned — a patch of carpet, an area of a sofa.

It's also ideal for those who have kids or pets and often find themselves cleaning up messes around the house. How to use Before using, unscrew the brush head and pierce a small hole in the seal and then screw it back on again. Before applying product on the area that needs cleaning, brush off loose dirt and soak up liquids.

Then, hold the bottle so that the brush is touching the stain and lightly squeeze until product comes out. Brush the product into the stain until you see results, and then leave for a few minutes. Remove residue with a damp cloth once done.Laundry: To do or not to do, that is the question.

And how? This past week, we've been testing services throughout the city—from startups to a local dry-cleaner—that help make our lives easier by doing our wash loads for us.

The Best Laundry Services in NYC? We Took Some For a Spin

A caveat: Our testers had bundles of varying sizes and clothing of various types, so the comparison isn't percent uniform. The takeaway: How decadent it is to not have to do your own wash! But that bliss—and convenience—comes at a price. Our tester got a new laundry bag out of it, and the clothes arrived folded beautifully. Plus, Hamperville used dryer sheets which we always forget to buy and throw in.

And when a problem arose see belowcustomer service was quick to respond. And excessive. And the fact that the pick-ups are in three-hour windows or four hours on the weekendalso seems inconvenient. But be sure you weigh yours first to make the minimum charge worth it.

While the pick-up and drop-off times run from 6 am to 11 pm, the windows are wide, time-wise, so not super-convenient. It's great for those who work from home or have a doorman and can just leave the laundry for pickup.

For a family or anyone with a lot of laundry, Hamperville could be prohibitively expensive, but if you only have about 20 pounds of laundry every week and a half or so, it might be worth checking out. Pros: The pick-up valet was friendly and polite. He arrived promptly, one minute into the pickup window and came baring spiffy Cleanly laundry bags in which to load our tester's clothes.

Cleanly Promo Code

He also weighed them at her door so she'd have an idea of the cost. The delivery valet was also friendly and polite, and even graciously declined the tip.

It was a Marie Kondo moment.

cleanly dry cleaning reviews

Plus, the underwear and socks came in their own wrapped bag to prevent loss—such a nice touch! Cons: Scheduling the pick up was slightly inconvenient: Cleanly has one-hour windows that begin at 8am, but our tester was out of her apartment between and am for school drop-offs, wiping out that time slot and forcing her into the next, 9 to 10 am slot, which meant getting to the office late. Her local dry cleaner picks up in minutes of her calling and, after 10 years, knows what time she comes and goes.

By comparison, her local dry cleaner offers same-day service if the laundry is in before 9 am. That said, both of these problems could be somewhat alleviated by shifting pickups and deliveries from morning to evening. Bottom line: The friendly valets, awesome folding and handy separation of easy-to-lose items really added to the experience but that turnaround time has to be sped up for our tester to consider Cleanly in the long term. Pros: Having used Discount Dry Cleaners for about 10 years, our tester has become accustomed to a certain level of service from them: They greet her by name when she calls or stops by.

They ask about her kids, know when she leaves the building each morning and to send someone before that time, and often call her at the end of the day to see if she's home before delivering her loads. They've even stopped at her door on the way to pick up from, or deliver to, a neighbor to see if she has anything for them to clean.

They also offer same-day service if her laundry is collected before 9 am. Cons: The laundry comes back simply folded in half as opposed to neatly tucked and creased in department store-like fashion ; socks are often inside out and outside in and, occasionally, one is lost.

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Bottom line: Ever since our tester's building swapped out the coin-op washers and dryers for Smartcard-managed machines, she's able to do her laundry at home far more efficiently than ever before.

That said, when time is tight, her local dry cleaners will always be her go-to for laundry needs. In a city as large and impersonal as New York can be, a friendly relationship with a local shop cannot be underestimated—or more appreciated.

Geographic coverage: As far as you want. Whoever is willing to haul their stuff to the place can get it done. Pros: A mid-morning drop-off and a same-day afternoon pickup was super convenient, especially since the Laundromat was just a few blocks from our tester's apartment and totally en-route to all her errands.

Since her schedule was jam-packed with appointments, she decided pickup and delivery, which is free, wouldn't work for her.

Also, the Laundromat was unclear about times.Cleanly is tumbling its way into the on demand clothes washing market, cleaning up NYC first. My pitiful attempt to dab at the massive red stain did nothing and I was left with a ruined expensive business shirt. To my excitement, I found a new one named Cleanly!

What better way to test out a new service, but to give them a challenge. The signup is very easy, entering your email, phone number, and name. I would say the app is a little cleaner looking than Washio, but it is also newer.

Then I put in my address and breathed a sigh of relief as my New York address was covered by their coverage. Cleanly is currently only in New York, but it is growing quickly! I set a pickup time that worked with my schedule and went about my day.

I got a text letting me know that my person was on their way, which gave me the right amount of time to get ready. A few days later they delivered it back to me and the stain was gone! The pickup was very smooth and both the person who delivered and the person who dropped off were extremely nice. The On Demand economy is growing rapidly and with it the magic of dry cleaning delivered to your door.

Get on board now and stay warm and dry next washing day. Your email address will not be published. CouponSuck is supported by readers.

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