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Lly duramax fpr replacement cost

Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator Mprop A new fuel pressure regulator will fix the common surging and lopey idle that many high mileage Duramax owners have experienced. It is a good idea to replace the upper radiator pipe seal and also the y-bridge intake o-rings because both parts will need to be removed for installation purposes. This regulator will fit all the of Your Cart. Part Number: Bosch. Add to Wish List Compare this Product.

More from this brand Quickview. Bosch HP 5.

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Description Reviews Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator Mprop A new fuel pressure regulator will fix the common surging and lopey idle that many high mileage Duramax owners have experienced. Tags: LLYduramaxfuelpressureregulator Over time, the water in fuel sensor can be damaged from improper removal or just use over time.

The wires can break off and not allow proper sensor o. Features:Eliminates low fuel pressure rail diagnostic trouble codes DTC such as low fuel pressure during power regiment Maintains fuel p. Some people also call this a fuel pressure. A faulty bleeder screw can cause a no start concern, a start and dies concern. Take a look at the pictures and you can see a stock bleeder screw that. Made by Bosch, the ori. This rpm spring fits all VE Injection pumps on Dodges from to The spring will allow the injection pump to fuel all the way to rpm.

This plug will increase your rack travel for more fueling on your P pump. AFC modifications are required to get the most out of this plug.

The s. Back in stock!! Order today! The kit is. As many Duramax owners know, the stock fuel filter on their truck is not only expensive to replace, but is in a very awkward and hard to reach locati.

Cookie Notice. Our website uses cookies to enhance your shopping experience.The fuel pressure regulator in your Vehicles is used to help keep the fuel system's pressure constant.

If the regulator is bad, the result is often low pressure in the system. Symptoms can include a rough, sputtering engine, failing to start after ignition and worse fuel mileage.

Replacing a fuel pressure regulator, like any fuel system component, can be a dangerous task because of the pressure within the system. Open the hood on the Malibu.

Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Locate the fuel pressure testing port on the top of the fuel rail and remove the small cap from the top of the port. Wrap a screwdriver tip in a towel. Insert the screwdriver tip into the port. Depress the pin in the center of the pressure testing port slightly to relieve the fuel pressure in the fuel lines. Allow the rag to absorb the fuel.

Install the cap back onto the fuel pressure testing port. Remove the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose from the top of the fuel pressure regulator, which is located at the end of the fuel rail. Hold a rag beneath the regulator assembly to catch fuel that spills. Remove the mounting screw from the pressure regulator, using a Torx bit hand driver. Disconnect the fuel return line bottom of the fuel pressure regulator.

How to Replace a Fuel Pressure Regulator in Vehicles

Use an open-end wrench to remove the line from the bottom of the regulator. Remove the old spacer and fuel pressure regulator retainer from the fuel rail, using pliers if needed. Install a new spacer and retainer onto the fuel rail. Insert the return line onto the new pressure regulator and tighten the nut, using your open end wrench. It is important to install the line first, as twisting the fuel pressure regulator during installation can damage the regulator.

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Tighten the fuel return line nut to 13 foot-pounds, using a crowfoot attachment and a torque wrench. Install a new retainer and spacer onto the fuel rail, by hand. Install the fuel pressure regulator onto the fuel rail and tighten the screw to 76 inch-pounds, with a torque wrench and Torx bit socket.

lly duramax fpr replacement cost

Reconnect the negative battery terminal. Sit in the driver's seat. Turn the ignition key to the "Accessories" position without starting the engine. Turn the ignition key back to the "Off" position. Repeat this on and off process three times to completely pressurize the fuel lines and system.

Turn the engine on and step out of the car. Inspect your work area near the fuel pressure regulator and underneath the vehicle for leaks. If a leak is spotted, turn the vehicle off immediately, locate the source and repair the leak. Relieve the vehicle's fuel system pressure by removing the fuel cap on the side and the fuel pump relay inside the fuse box, then run the engine until it stalls and continue cranking it for five to 10 seconds.

Remove the air intake resonator by disconnecting all connectors, ducts and lines connected to it--the ducts have hose clamps that need loosening--removing the resonator's mounting bolts with a wrench and detaching the ventilation hose from the valve cover. Clean away all dirt and debris that is around the pressure regulator and fuel lines to prevent anything from entering the fuel system. Wipe it away with a clean cloth. If you use acetone, water or any other liquid cleaner, make sure you completely dry the area off.

Disconnect the vacuum line at the pressure regulator, the wiring harness at the front of the engine and the fuel return line.All of us here at Diesel Power Products live and breathe diesels. For this particular episode of What Do We Drive, we will be featuring one of our very own sales technicians, Sands Anderson, discussing his Going manual limited my options, but I finally found an ad for an I figured it was a LB7.

But when I went to look at it, it turned out to be an LLY. I shook it down, went for a test drive, then bought it that day. When I was cleaning it out, I found a dealership receipt for a new clutch installed two months before I bought it!

I started with an aftermarket 4-inch exhaust from Diamond Eye. This opened things up and let her breathe. Shortly after that, the newly replaced stock clutch lost its grabbing power, so I hit up South Bend Clutch for a Street Dual Disc rated at hp. Then I put down hp at the Diesel Power Products dyno event. Clutch issue solved! So I decided to go for the charger. I collected parts for 8 months. This re-distributes the firing order to take stress off of the crank. A wiring pin swap at the FICM connector was all it took.

I knew I had the extra air to support more fuel.

BMW N57D30 Engine - Injector Replacement

The turbo is fed through PPE Race manifolds and up-pipes. I upgraded the factory coolant hoses with PPE hoses. I estimate I now have about hp going to the rear wheels.

Search Cart 0. Hide Filters Hide Filters. Dynomite Diesel 75 Horsepower Injector Set Fleece Performance 4. Description FAQ's.When GM introduced the Duramax diesel init was truly a state of the art engine. Blown head gaskets are fairly common in these earlier year trucks, as wear and tear, aftermarket tuning, and high mileage are all contributing factors to failure.

lly duramax fpr replacement cost

To get the down low on replacing head gaskets the right way, we tagged along with Jason Carrier at Xtreme Diesel Performance in Chico, California, to see how it was done. The truck had started using coolant, a little at first, and then almost a quart a week. It was clear something needed to be done ASAP before anything else got hurt, so the truck was immediately put under the knife.

The first step to a Duramax head gasket replacement involves draining the coolant, and removing the upper fan shroud. Luckily, the radiator is still one thing that can be left in place. Xtreme Diesel owner Jason Carrier is always careful to put everything back exactly how it came off, including the fan belt.

Virtually all of the engine accessories have to be removed in order for the cylinder heads to come off. To save time, Carrier removes systems in one piece whenever possible. By now all of the coolant should have drained out, which means that the upper hard hose and coolant crossover can be removed.

This must be carefully removed in order to gain access to the upper valve cover of the engine. Next, Carrier removed the EGR system. If you look closely, you can see a good amount of buildup, which will all have to be cleaned off before the system is reinstalled. With the EGR and wiring out of the way, it was time to start working on the injectors, lines, and upper valve covers. The pushrods are the next valvetrain part to be removed, which are then cleaned and kept in the same order for re-installation.

Carrier says that the trick is to just loosen that bolt, then pull it out at the same time the head is removed. Time for the heads to be removed! Upon close inspection, it was easy to see the distorted area where the factory head gasket blew, and had been leaking large amounts of coolant.

Both heads came back with only minor work needed, and looked as good as new.

lly duramax fpr replacement cost

With the engine bay looking quite bare, it was time for the decks to be cleaned on the block, and both heads and gaskets to be reinstalled. For reinstallation, Carrier uses a complete head gasket kit available through Merchant Automotive, in Zeeland, Michigan. This kit includes two multi-layer steel MLS gaskets, as well as all the other assorted gaskets and hardware needed to complete the job. Also included in the Merchant kit are a new set of head bolts, which will replace the decade-old factory hardware.

Once both cylinder heads were on, it was time to re-assemble the valvetrain. With the newly machined heads, valve covers, and valvetrain installed, it was starting to look like an engine again!

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Unfortunately, the complexity of the Duramax engine meant there was still a long way to go. Remember about the first 15 disassembly steps?Forums New posts Search forums.

Duramax LLY Head Gasket Fix

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lly duramax fpr replacement cost

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Problems registering? Click here to contact us! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.Issues with overheating, brought about from various different components, proved to be its biggest drawback, often contributing to higher operating temps and sometimes even blown head gaskets.

While previous injector issues were laid to rest with the LLY, the common-rail injection system still had a few minor quirks, along with the injection system still being void of a factory lift pump. But even though it tends to be viewed as the least desirable in the Duramax lineage, the LLY was a very solid engine.

For all the dirt on this briefly-produced and often-overlooked oil-burner, keep scrolling. Several factors contribute to this engine inherently running warmer than its LB7 predecessor or the engines that followed itone of which is the fact that LLY-powered GMs came equipped with the smallest radiator ever offered in front of a Duramax yet had an additional component to cool it in the form of the EGR cooler.

Highly restrictive, the turbo inlet manifold creates a choke-point right before boost enters the compressor side of the turbocharger. This makes the turbo work harder to produce boost, which in turn leads to hotter intake air and exhaust gas temperatures, and often hampers spool up, fuel economy and overall power. Replacing this piece with a freer-flowing aftermarket turbo mouthpiece is one of the most affordable and effective ways to help your LLY run cooler.

Meeting emissions standards directly correlates to good drivability—and a quicker-spooling turbocharger means less particulate matter pollutants. With precise electric control of the movable vanes that direct exhaust flow across the turbine wheel, optimum performance is achieved at virtually any engine speed.

The result is superb drivability in any situation and the faster spoolup provided by the GTVA VVT provided for peak torque to check in sooner at just 1, rpm. One benefit for horsepower junkies is that the LLY made use of the largest turbo ever offered on any Duramax engine.

Not only was its 62mm, blade compressor wheel inducer the biggest, but the height of its exhaust vanes were the tallest at 15mm vs. This translates into the LLY possessing the highest flowing factory turbocharger. With a bigger compressor wheel to turn yet more restriction in front of it in the form of the aforementioned turbo inlet manifoldthe variable vanes in the turbo that are essentially used to drive the compressor wheel have to work harder.

Downwind of the turbocharger, a catalytic converter was employed as well. However, just like the LB7, the rods are on borrowed time at any point beyond rwhp.

A relatively high compression ratio when compared to later Duramax mills The results were exactly what GM wanted and needed: no more leaking injectors, cracked injector bodies or rampant warranty claims. Most well-maintained LLY injectors last betweentomiles. High mileage and age often bring about inevitable electrical problems on any modern diesel.

Short-to-ground scenarios are common when this happens, but it can also result from the injector output circuit seeing high resistance. If the problem area can be tracked down, it can usually be repaired without replacing the entire injector harness.

After all, Bosch designed this injection pump for engines much larger than the Duramax and that were expected to last well beyondmiles. Similar to the LB7 pump, a suction valve is integrated to compensate for the absence of a lift-pump.But what about making sure your 6. No different from Cummins-powered Rams and Power Stroke-equipped Fords, each rendition of the Duramax has its own unique weakness that requires addressing if you want to rack up hundreds of thousands of trouble-free miles.

Even on the LBZ, one of the most durable versions of the Duramax ever produced, there is still room for improvement in the form of addressing the transfer case pump-rub issue in 4x4-equipped HDs. Moving on to the LMM, leaking transmission cooler lines will have to be addressed sooner rather than later. Once the ball-seat is damaged irreparably, it no longer has a flush surface to seal against.

The result is an injector that essentially never shuts off. Hazing smoke at idle, excessive injector balance rates, knocking, missing, fuel in the crankcase and piston damage are all commonly experienced when an LB7 injector goes south. A word of advice: When one does decide to check out, replace them all. The combination of having a larger compressor wheel yet having the air flowing toward it bottleneck down in the turbo mouthpiece i.

Opening up the intake path to the compressor side of the turbo is one of the most cost effective means of lowering coolant temps on an LLY.

The 6 Most Common LLY Duramax Engine Problems

With the turbo laboring less to maintain adequate boost pressure, intake air and EGT drop, coolant temperature decreases and turbo responsiveness spool up improves. From the factory, both the NPXHD manual and NPXHD electronic transfer cases utilize indexing tabs to keep the gear pump housing in position within the back rear section of the transfer case.

The design of the indexing tabs allows them to dig into the magnesium transfer case, eventually rubbing a hole in it, allowing fluid to escape.

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However, fluid is only lost when the truck is operational i. Easiest to notice in cold weather when the rubber hoses constrict, transmission fluid leaks past the crimps on the factory lines. With most cooler lines springing a leak within the first 50, miles, many Duramax owners had their lines replaced under warranty—only to have them leak again later.

The sound solution for leaking transmission cooler lines is to scrap all the factory hoses in favor of high quality hydraulic hose or braided stainless steel lines, along with threaded fittings as opposed to crimps. Companies like Fleece Performance EngineeringMerchant Automotive, Dirty Hooker Diesel and Deviant Race Parts all offer aftermarket kits, which hold up fine to both the elements and the extreme pressure the Allison requires during operation.

In its place sits the Bosch CP4. While both the CP3 and CP4. However, with tighter tolerances present within the CP4. The best way to keep the CP4.