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Stearin oil for skin

In cosmetics and personal care products, these Palm Oil ingredients are used in the formulation of skin care products, makeup and suntan products. The Hydrogenated Palm Oil ingredients may also be used as viscosity increasing agents - nonaqueos.

Crude Palm Oil is one of the richest natural sources of beta carotene, which gives crude Palm Oil a deep red color. During the refining process, beta carotenes are completely removed from Palm Oil. The major end use for Palm Oil is for the manufacture of cooking fats and margarine. Palm oil is also permited to be directly added to food, and it is on the list of indirect food additives allowed to be used in paper and paperboard that comes into contact with food.

In a laboratory study, very large oral doses of Elaeis Guineensis Palm Oil over a long period of time resulted in enlarged livers.

The weight of evidence of all the mutagenicity studies indicated that Elaeis Guineensis Palm Oil was not a mutagen. Therefore, the CIR Expert Panel recommended that concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons be kept at a level that does not produce adverse effects. Elaeis Guineensis Palm Oil is an edible vegetable oil. It is one of the few vegetable oils relatively high in saturated fats so that it is semi-solid at room temperature. Skip to main content. Hydrogenated Palm Oil.

Home Hydrogenated Palm Oil. Messages Overview What Is It? Scientific Facts:. Safety Information:. More safety Information:. More scientific Information:. All Rights Reserved.Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid with an 18 carbon chain that is used in a variety of cosmetics and skincare products. Stearic acid is mainly used to support the scent of the product and improve the texture and spreadability. Stearic acid also has an added benefit as it helps to improve the moisture content of the skin.

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Stearic acid, also known as octadecanoic acid, can be derived from both animal and vegetable fats and oils. Keep an eye on: If you are looking to use a vegan product check which source of stearic acid the brand uses.

Despite having acid in their name, fatty acids are very different from acids. Fatty acids are the building blocks for fats and oils. Unlike acids, they tend to be hydrating and gentle on the skin. Stearic acid functions mainly as a surfactant, emulsifier, and thickener when added to cosmetics and skincare products. Surfactant Surfactant is the short term for surface active agent.

Surfactants are compounds that lower the surface tension between two substances to help them mix or allow the skin to be wet evenly. Another job of surfactants is to degrease and emulsify oils and fats and suspend dirt, allowing them to be washed away. This is possible because while one end of the surfactant molecule is attracted to water, the other end is attracted to oil. Thus, surfactants attract the oil, dirt, and other impurities that have accumulated on your skin during the day and wash them away.

Due to these properties, stearic acid can be found in many different cleansers and body washes. Emulsifier Stearic acid also acts as an emulsifier. An emulsifier is needed for products that contain both water and oil components. Water and oil-based ingredients tend to separate in the formulation. Emulsifiers help to keep them mixed and prevent the splitting or separating of ingredients.

This helps to stabilize and improve the longevity of your product. As an emulsifier, stearic acid consists of a water-loving hydrophilic head and an oil-loving hydrophobic tail. The hydrophilic head is attracted to the water-based ingredients and the hydrophobic tail to the oil-based ingredients, pulling them together and preventing that separation.

Texture Another property of stearic acid is its ability to function as a thickener or hardener. This is why stearic acid is added to things like soaps, candles, plastics, oil pastels, etc. It helps to harden the product and also helps to retain its shape. Cleansing As a surfactant, stearic acid helps to wash away excess oil and dirt from the skin.

Stearic acid attracts dirt and oils and allows them to be rinsed from the skin. This barrier protects the skin from allergens, bacteria, and from losing water to the air and environment. When the skin barrier is damaged or disrupted through the use of harsh products, aging, the environment or skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis, the skin can lose this protective ability.Palm oil and palm olein originate from the same plant, a palm species known as E.

stearin oil for skin

This plant grows in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America, and humans have been consuming various parts of it for over 5, years. Palm oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit of E. Guineesis using pressure. In its unrefined form, the palm oil is bright orange in color due to high amounts of carotene pigments. The oil is semi-solid at room temperature and is highly resistant to oxidation and prolonged exposure to heat.

stearin oil for skin

Palm oil is widely used in margarine and vegetable shortenings. When the semi-solid palm oil is refined, it separates into palm olein and palm stearine. The palm olein has different characteristics than the palm oil, most notably that it remains completely liquid at room temperature. It is highly heat resistant, similar to palm oil, and it also resists the formation of breakdown products during frying and increases the shelf life of many products.

Benefits of Fatty Acids: Stearic Acid

Although palm oil and palm olein are produced from the same plant and share many similar properties, the main difference between them is their chemical state at room temperature.

Semi-solid palm oil is used more frequently as a fat in bakery products, whereas liquid palm olein is considered the "gold standard" and is the most widely used oil for frying in the world. Arlene Lauren began writing professionally in Her cooking, baking, nutrition and animal-related articles appear on eHow. Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science in animal biology and a Master of Science in animal behavior and welfare, both from the University of Guelph. About Whale Blubber Used in Lipstick.

What is Stearic Acid?

What Is Palm Olein? Examples of Hydrogenated Oils. Differences in Castor Oil.What is stearic acid used for? It has properties that make it a natural cleansing agent, capable of helping remove excess sebum oildirt and bacteria from skin, hair and other surfaces.

Stearic acid SAsometimes also called octadecanoic acidis a saturated long-chain fatty acid. These sources are heated and pressurized in order to isolate and remove stearic acid. It then goes a process that involves distillation, steaming and cooling in order to create a finished product of concentrated SA, which is usually a waxy substance. Additionally, it is found in some supplements, including magnesium stearatewhich is a combination of stearic acid and the mineral magnesium.

Although the consumption of commercially hydrogenated fats is not recommended, since these are found in packaged foods that are linked to various health problems, SA is also used to create these fats. It helps remove dirt, bacteria and other substances from the surface of skin. In fact, the presence of SA is partially what gives moisturizing products like cocoa butter and shea butter their thicker consistency and lubricating effects.

A surfactant, or surface active agent, reduces tension between two substances. One of the most important benefits of stearic acid is its ability to help make water and oil mix together more easily in products. It is fairly insoluble in water but becomes somewhat soluble in alcohol.

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More importantly, it helps lower the surface tension of oil, allowing it to combine better with water so together the two an be used to thoroughly wash anyway microbes from skin, hair, etc. As a surfactant, it can also attract oil, dirt and other impurities that accumulate on your skin and on other surfaces. This prolongs how long products like lotions, cosmetics, conditioners, etc. Many fat-containing foods, both plants and those that come from animals, contain saturated fatty acids — including stearic, lauricmyristic, oleic and palmitic acids.

Animal fats are higher in stearic acid than most plants that contain oils. The exceptions to this rule are cocoa butter and shea butter, two plant-derived products that are both relatively concentrated sources of SA. SA is also found in supplements, including magnesium stearate, which is usually derived from palm oil.

Because of its waxy texture, SA acts as an emulsifier of ingredients used in supplements and as a lubricant to fill capsules when dry powdered ingredients are used.

You can use SA at home to make your own lotions and soaps. Most recipes will call for water, oils and an emulsifier such as SA to create a stable and smooth product. Purified stearic acid is available but less commonly sold.Right-click on the RSS button.

Click on "Copy shortcut". Click "add", and you're done. Now you're subscribed! You'll receive all Shamrock Candle's latest updates. Stearin - the Secret to Successful Candle Making. Your source for candle ideas, info and affiliated products. Subscribe via RSS? What is Stearic Acid? Stearic acid, other names for it - stearin or stearineis a mixture of fatty acids, used in candle and soap making. Triple pressed stearic acid has various industrial uses, and it's found in many products we commonly use.

Naturally occurring in animal and vegetable fats, stearic acid comes from various sources: Peruvian, Scandinavian, or Japanese fish oils; tallow; palm stearin, which is derived from tropical coconuts and natural palm nuts. The white crystalline substance comes in different solid or granular forms. Buy it as flakes, or a white powder, for better solubility. Reference materials: Candlesby Jon Newman. This informative book contains extensive references to stearin, and contains various historical facts; definitions and characteristics of; the uses of stearine in candle making; and where it's sourced from.

How to Make Stearin Candles How much stearic acid do you add to paraffin wax? Working in kilograms? You'll add grams of stearin to grams of candle wax. Firstly, melt the stearic acid safely in a double-boiler on the stove, or in a separate wax melting pot. Colouring your candles? Drip drops of this liquid stearin onto a plate, or the base of an overturned cup. Leave to set, and check the colour.

Happy with the shade and intensity? Add the paraffin wax to the stearin. Stir now and again, while heating the mixture to the required pouring temperature. Tip: stearic acid's not good for latex moulds, it rots the rubber.Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off.

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If you make lotion from scratch, you need stearic acid. It thickens the recipe and keeps the emulsion stable. It can also be used for soap, emulsified scrub, and conditioner.

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stearin oil for skin

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stearin oil for skin

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